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What Brand of Ceiling Fan is Best?

So, you have decided to get some ceiling fans. It’s the first time so you have no idea where to start! Which brand of ceiling fan in best? Which ceiling fans make noise? Which ceilings fans wobble? Or more, to the point, which ceiling fans don’t wobble?!!! Which ceiling fans will last for many years?

The good news is that today there is a really wide, great selection of ceiling fans that are great quality, that won’t wobble or make noise. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get one. There is also a fantastic variety in styles and functions.

At Lumera Living we only work with brands we have full confidence in. That means that you can be sure that we stand by any brand in our range.  Within these brands, there is a variety of styles and prices. Even within the same brand you might get a basic but quality fan for around $100 or a unique designer fan for around $600.

One thing to check for is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. There are two kinds of warranties for ceilings fans, one is a regular replacement warranty. This means the manufacturer will replace any parts that are faulty for a certain period of time. The other kind of warranty is an in-home warranty. An in-home warranty means that the manufacturer will not only replace the faulty parts, they will also cover the cost of the electrician if required to replace that part. A great help with the cost of electricians these days! This only kicks in once the fan has been installed by your certified electrician (that is, they won’t pay for the electrician if the part arrives visibly broken.) See the individual warranties on each fan’s product page to give you the relevant information. If you are unsure, please contact us prior to your purchase.

If you are particular about a something or require something specific, let us know, and we can give you the best options.

To give you a starting point, here is the list of brands we sell and stand by:

  • Aeratron
  • Atlas
  • Cinni
  • Emerson
  • Fanco
  • Fanimation
  • Hunter
  • Hunter Pacific
  • Martec
  • Mercator
  • Brilliant
  • Ventair
  • Vento


**This article is written for general purpose. If you have specific requirements or questions please seek professional advice**

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